[Naruto] Chapter 688 Thoughts

I know that I’m behind in the series.  Well, I’m rectifying that right now.  Just to let you know, the future predictions/guesses I usually provide will be up in the next post.  Right now, I’ll just put down my thoughts about the chapter right here.  So let’s get to it!

1) Thanks again to the scanlation group!  I may not like the Kabuto one that much, but the other one featuring Naruto and Sasuke is alright.  But the last two were the best!

2) I didn’t expect the chapter to start with Obito and Rin.  But that’s still a nice start to the chapter.

3) So SWEET!!!  Awwww, that was endearing of you, Obito.  Wanting to help Kakashi and all.  Though a tad selfish, too.  Given that you want Rin all to yourself for a while (meaning letting Kakashi live and not die from the current battle).

4) Cutie pies!!!  Seeing younger Kakashi and Obito again…yeah, I’m gushing over their cuteness.  Hey, I can see the cuteness in both of them.  So there!

5) I thought Danzo was the 6th Hokage?  I guess Obito doesn’t acknowledge Danzo as the 6th Hokage, given that he wants Naruto to become the 7th Hokage.  At least Obito felt that Kakashi deserves to become the 6th Hokage.  That’s so nice of him.

6) Too bad that said “gift” is temporary.  Still a nice gift, though.  Thank you, Obito!!!

7) Nice teamwork, Naruto and Sasuke!

8) Great to see the Bijuus again!  Go Team Bijuus!!!!!

9) Damn, but that looks like an awesome move, Naruto!!!

10) Damn, that’s a freaky transformation.

11) I may not like Sakura that much, but I’m getting tired of Sakura being a damsel in distress.  That reminds me too much of her younger self, and given that her present self is much tougher, I just don’t like it.  Hey, got to support the strong kunoichi population, you know.

12) I really liked how Naruto went to congratulate Sasuke and realized that said teammate wasn’t the one who rescued Sakura.  That’s just Naruto for you.

13) That Susanoo actually looks not bad at all.  Well, I think it looks different from the Susanoo from the Uchiha brothers.  I think.

14) This chapter wasn’t a bad one.  I really liked the touching moment at the beginning of the chapter.  And how it ended wasn’t bad at all.

Well, that’s all for this post.  I’ll see you in the next post!


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