[Noblesse] Chapter 334 Thoughts

Okay, here is what I thought about the chapter:

1) Wow.  Didn’t expect Karias to follow the three enhanced human bodyguards.  But his reaction to said rush…ehehehehehehe…

2) The reactions!!!!!  Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!


4) My goodness!  Their reactions to it all…I can’t help but keep on smiling over it.  My smile….

5) So Tao took the initiative to install a surveillance system with the control room at Frankenstein’s office?  Not a surprise, but their reactions are still hilarious!

6) Tao’s solution to distract Frankenstein seems like a short-term action.  Also, Tao being pleased about it while the rest of said group just stared at him with the same expression…yeah, I found that hilarious, too!

7) Ah, Lucrea.  Your reaction to the whole classroom…typical yet hilarious at the same time.

8) Poor human teacher.  Being unknowingly picked on by Lucrea.  No respect, I tell you.

9) I find this chapter H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!!  One of my faves, in fact.  The comedic atmosphere that encompassed the whole chapter makes it just a great one.

10) I see the next chapter focusing back on the seriousness of the series.  It may even start with Muzaka at the present time.  Or focus on the Union.  Whatever the case, I think the next chapter will be mostly serious with some funny moments.

See ya in the next chapter, folks!


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