[Silver Spoon] Chapter 104 Thoughts

I didn’t realize that I was behind in this series.  My bad.  But at least I’m getting back to the groove.  Not sure if I can continue it, but I’ll try.  Anyway, let’s just get to it, shall we?

1) Mikage is affronted over the name suggestion!  Not that I can really blame her.  But it seems that Okawa will grab any opportunity to improve his company.  Poor Mikage!  It seems that she naively got caught up with the whole business.

2) Inada being the tour guide for the pig farm that the fledgling company is visiting?  Not bad at all.

3) Hachiken giving some information about the pigs to Okawa reiterates that Hachiken has grown up a lot since the beginning of the series.  It makes me proud of him.

4) Oh, and Okawa reacting to said information is typical of him.  Still hilarious, though.

5) Okay, that one panel featuring the content pig is just plain cute!  I wish a fan could highlight or something to said panel.  That would be great!

6) Though the next several pages shows just pictures, said pictures relays important events in the series.  And I don’t really mind at all.

7) Tamako reduced in size again just for that event.  Heh.

8) Am I seeing things?  Did Papa Hachiken smiled?!

9) That’s so cute!!  Six piglets!!!  I think.

10) Overall, not a bad chapter.  Enjoyed the latter half more than the first half, but still a good chapter.

Given that I’m one chapter behind, I’ll have my predictions/guesses up next time.  Not sure if I’ll have a post for the next chapter or not.  If not, then I’ll see ya next time!


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