[Silver Spoon] Chapter 105 Thoughts

I wasn’t going to post one for this chapter, but Hajime grabbed my attention and I just got to make a post for this chapter.  So here are my thoughts!

1) The first panel is really nice.  I liked seeing the Berkshire pig and her piglets.

2) The business seems to be improving.  The next step is discussing how to sell the company’s products.

3) Hajime describes the potatoes in a way that I find hilarious!  Showcasing anime girls with the potatoes…that’s Hajime for you!

4) Mayumi is cheese-crazy.  ‘Nough said.

5) Ah, Okawa.  You’re a character.

6) Oh?  A freshman named Ishiyama in the equestrian club?  Nice.

7) I’ts nice to focus on the second-year equestrian club member.  Nice to see her in the spotlight for just a moment.

8) Momotarou the horse is similar to that other horse in the equestrian club.  And the whole club members recognize the similarities, too.

9) Momotarou is sexist?  Heh.

10) I was sympathizing with Hachiken as he listened for the equestrian club members participating in the team event.  But I was laughing at him for his reaction to the announcement about being picked as the representative if their team advanced.  Poor Hachiken, such a huge responsibility put on him.  And I know what his reaction to said pressure is, too.

11) I think the next chapter will continue where this chapter left out.  The team event will be featured, and if the team advanced (which I hope they will), then Hachiken will participate.  I also think that there will be some spotlights on the other rivals.  Momotarou will also have his moment at the spotlight, too.

12) Overall, the chapter wasn’t bad at all.  My fave is seeing Momotarou.  Truly, not a bad chapter.



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