[Naruto] Chapter 690 Thoughts

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t interested in reading the chapter until now.  So let’s get to my thoughts about this chapter!

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!

2) It was nice to see how the whole Team 7 worked to seal Kaguya.

3) It was also nice to see the Bijuus together again.

4) I liked that one panel with all those deceased people that Naruto acknowledged.  It was nice.

5) Way the go, Naruto!!  You hadn’t forgotten about Black Zetsu.

6) That one panel with Naruto having a fierce expression is amazing!  I can definitely see that being used in artwork!

7) Ah, Naruto!  There are some essential traits that never changed.  🙂

8) Again, even though the subject is Naruto, I still liked the Bijuus interacting with each other.

9) Yay!!!  The summoned Hokages make their cameos after several chapters without them!  Yay!!!!!

10) Oh, and the other ones, too!!!  Whoever they are.

11) I liked that Minato greeted Naruto after the rescue.  That was nice.

12) Though I may not like Madara, at least there will be some resolution to his fate.  I hope.

13) I think the next chapter will continue from where this chapter ended.  I hope that they find a way to get the rest of the human population out of their ‘prisons’ so that they won’t get turned into White Zetsu clones.  That said, I hope that there will be some humor added to the chapter, too.  Subtle but still would be appreciated.

This chapter wasn’t a bad one.  It featured more content for me to comment about and held my interest at least.  So see ya next time!


4 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 690 Thoughts

  1. My favorite part is when Minato greeted Naruto. It’s really sweet. If Madara alive, I think Minato deserve a second chance too 😀
    Naruto remember about Black Zetsu! That’s mean he’s thinking too. no one can say he’s stupid or naíve anymore.
    And honestly, Sakura really pissed me off in this chapter. I think she’s still her old fangirl self.
    Do you think someone with rinnegan (namely rikudo sennin) will bring back people alive? Obito plan to do that before, right?

    • Well, given the recent chapter, it doesn’t seem so. Those who were held captive and were cocooned are still alive, so there isn’t any reason to bring tghem back alive. Besides, that would require lots of chakra to bring back (alive) the people who are dead. It isn’t only just one, but many. I don’t think Hagoromo and others have enough chakra to bring back the dead; not counting the Bijuus, of course.

      • I wish…though I don’t see that happening. I mean, even with the vast amount of chakra one has, the requirement of such a move is too dire. Yet I can still hope.

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