[Naruto] Chapter 691 Thoughts

Still awake, so let’s get to my thoughts about this chapter!

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!  Truly appreciated!!

2) And linked with above: I was soooo right!!!  An artwork featuring that one panel of a fierce-looking Naruto was created.  I just feel like gloating over it.  And making a point about it, too.

3) I hear you, Sakura.  I would be tired of surprises, too, if I was in your current situation.

4) Though it may not be huge, I still liked that one panel showing all the summoned beings.  Both humans and others.

5) Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!  L-O-V-E the exchange between  Naruto and Kurama!!!  Kurama responding to Naruto’s greeting is typical of him…including the rude hand gesture.

6) Awwwww, that was a touching farewell.  I liked the way it ended between Kakashi and Obito.  As friends, not enemies.  Good for both of them!

7) I sorta feel underwhelmed with how the meeting between Hashirama and Madara was resolved.  Yeah, Madara was going to “go” first, given his status.  But when the last parting words were those spoken by the two—well, it was sorta ‘blah’ to me.  But at least that certain issue is resolved.

8) Damn.

9) I want to give that single word its own point because it encompass what I thought about the whole interaction between Minato and Naruto.  And that is in a good way.  It is clumsy.  It is awkward.  It is heartfelt.  It is touching.  It is Naruto-ish.  It is Minato-ish.  It is…just a bittersweet ending between a father and son.  I sorta has mixed emotions about it, but overall, it leaves me with positive vibes.

10) Though the chapter ended with such a bittersweet note, I still like it.  I do’t even mind the sad note; it was just too nice of a chapter ending not to appreciate it.  I mean, a few issues has already been resolved, so I guess the next chapter will continue with resolving more issues, which I will mention at a another point.

11) I didn’t realized that the end of the Fourth Shinobi War is on Naruto’s birthday.  Wow.  The hardships of fulfilling said prophecy began on his birthday amd ended on his birthday.  I’m not shocked anout said revelation, but it was a nice surprise.  I’m actually quite pleased that this part of Naruto’s life has ended on his birthday.  Quite fitting, actually.

12) I see the next chapter continuing on with resolving some issues.  I don’t think it will all be completed in the next chapter, but at least some issues will be tackled.  Hopefully the human population will be rescued from their captivity.  Ad the fate of the Bijuus will be tackled in the next chapter.  Also, I really want to read about what Hagoromo talked with Sasuke after said person’s “death” and what the Uchiha decided on.

13) That being said, I wonder about Orochimaru.  If the summoned Hokages were unaffected by that genjutsu, then wouldn’t Orochimaru also remain unaffected?  After all, he was summoned by Sasuke, so wouldn’t the Snake Sannin also be unaffected? Hmmm…

14) This is one of my fave chapters from this series. Minato and Naruto saved the whole chapter for me.

That’s all for now!  See ya next time!


2 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 691 Thoughts

  1. Well, now we know that Kurama is a tsundere XD.
    And, damn. That chapter really makes me crying. That the one of my favorite chapters ever, together with Naruto first meeting with his father and mother. “Happy birthday” part and Naruto messages to her mother really sweet and Minato is crying.
    Damn it. I am getting so emotional in this chapter.

    And about Orochimaru, he’s become a coccoon too. You can see it in the manga..

    • Thanks for the information about Orochimaru’s fate! I was iffy about his fate, so if you had seen him be captured into a cocoon, then I’m cool with it.

      I als agree that this chapter is one of the best! That birthday greeting really cemented it for me. Very touching, that speech.

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