[Noblesse] Chapter 336 Thoughts

Think that I’ll be behind with this series again, eh?  Well, not right now.  So let’s get to what I thought about this chapter!

1) Hahahahahahaha!!!!  Seeing Gejutel sweating while Frankenstein stares at him is hilarious!  Hey, I can appreciate the reaction!

2) Lascrea not wanting Raizel to notice her gazing at him–so adorable!

3) The reactions of the high school student body about Lucrea is unnerving yet not surprising at all. Lascrea does have a presence to her, after all.

4) Ah, Raizel.  You have Lascrea following you on food.  Again, not a surprise, but it sure is adorable.  What can I say, I’m in a mood to appreciate such an action.

5) The reactions from the human high schoolers about the gaming abilities of Lascrea and Raizel is funny!  Who would had thought that Lascrea is quite skilled in gaming?  Not me, for one.

6) I liked the back-and-forth looks shared between Raizel and Lascrea.  It’s adohrable!

7) I also liked that Lascrea looked to Raizel when she ‘shot’ him in the video game.

8) Seeing Lascrea find a reason to like humans is nice to read.

9) Regis is clueless in reading the mood.  Thank goodness Seira is with him.

10) Though the two didn’t realky exchange a long conversation, it was still poignant and relevant.

11) Sad to see Lascrea return to Lukedonia.  I think she recognized that Raizel will live the rest of his life at his current place, probably never to return to Lukedonia.  Sad.

12) I find it funny that Lascrea sensed Gejutel and Frankenstein.  The two eavesdroppers sure had funny rwactions after getting caught redhanded.

13) I think the next chapter will feature the arrival of Daizel’s group at Frankenstein’s home.  I think the three enhanced bodyguards and the two blond Nobles will be finished cleaning up the place.  I hope to see some humor scenes in the next chapter.

That’s all for now.  See ya next time!


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