[Naruto] Chapter 692 Thoughts

Just a feeling that the end is almost in sight for this series.  Just a feeling…anyway, let’s get to my thoughts about this chapter!

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!  Truly appreciated!!

2) You know, I can see that one panel featuring Kakashi and Sakura (with the 8-Tails behind them) being used as an artwork for said pairing.  Hey, it looks couple-ish, right?

3) Ah, the parting words from the other summoned Hokages.  I expected that.

4) White Zetsu clones turning back to nature.  Reminiscent of how living things return to nature after death…including us.

5) I adore the Bijuus talking about their destinations.  I just liked how they acknowledged their “freedom” and their “homes”.

6) Naruto as the “meeting place” of the Bijuus?  N-I-C-E.

7) Yeah, I feel that the Sage of Six Paths spoke out what Kurama’s deep thoughts are his/its destination, but in a way that makes it seem like Kurama only wanted to be inside Naruto because of what the Sage said.  But we all know the truth.

8) Kaguya changing after eating that Chakra Fruit…not a surprise.  Comparing her to Kushina…well, umm…now I want to know why Kaguya changed.  What did the Chakra Fruit do to Kaguya to change her that way?  Sheesh, the answer given didn’t satisfy my curiosity.  Hopefully there would be a better answer given by the creator.

9) That one panel with that fierce Naruto again.  A different kind of fierce.  Yeah, I could see someone use that in an artwork.

10) Ooookkkaaayyyy…Sasuke.  What can I say about that action?  I’m not even shocked to see Sasuke act that way.  Just…his reasons are his own.  How he is acting upon it, that’s another thing.  One that I don’t approve.  Yeah, I’m not even thoroughly upset about his actions at all.  His actions just feel Sasuke-ish to me.

11) I did like how the Bijuus all are shown in order after Sasuke did what he did.  That one big panel is a nice one.  Don’t like the reasoning behind it, but still a nice panel showing the Bijuus.

12) So we get a glimpse of Sasuke’s version of his meeting with the Sage of Six Paths.  And his reasoning behind said action.  And his way of doing it…I can’t really agree with it, but I can see his reasoning behind it.  It’s just Sasuke-ish of him to think like that.  And I can see his view, though I may not like it.

13) I totally want to glomp Naruto for proclaiming to Kurama about saving the Bijuus.  So Naruto-ish of him yet I can’t help but cheer him for it!  I mean, it shows how close Kurama and Naruto has become, when Kurama asked Naruto to help the BIjuus and Naruto replying back.  It just gives me warm feelings about it.

14) Again, back to the Naruto versus Sasuke battle.  Well, the fight has to be concluded, right?  How said battle will end, I’m not sure.  I just hope Naruto finds a way to help Sasuke and end the long-standing feud that began with Ashura and Indra.

15) Overall, this chapter was good.  I especially liked the Bijuus and Naruto.  Those parts were my favorite in the chapter.

That’s it for now!  See ya next time!


6 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 692 Thoughts

  1. I can see that coming from Sasuke, but still, I want to curse him with all my heart. Agree with you, Naruto as meeting place and his promise to save bijuu is really sweet and that’s prove of their bond, including other bijuu.
    In the manga before, Naruto said that they will die together in their fight, right? Honestly, I don’t care anymore what will happen to Sasuke as long as Naruto alive. My guess is next chapter Sasuke will use Sakura and Kakashi as his shields in fight. We know that both of them is too tired and can’t fight anymore.

    • I just wish Sasuke changed enough to not use Kakashi and Sakura in his fight against Naruto. I just want said fight to end to a worthy conclusion. I’m more interested and eager in reading how to get the others out of said coccoons, especially when Naruto sees Hinata. I’m just too tired of the Naruto versus Sasuke fight; it’s overdone and overkill.

      • Well, guess we just need waiting for 20-30 chapter about their fight plus flash back and their monologue to find out when will other shinobi get out from their coccoon. I almost hope they start to growing wings XD

      • Goodness, I hope the battle won’t last that long. I’m over the Naruto versus Sasuke battle. I just want to know the fates of those within the coccoons. Especially Hinata.

      • I think a lot of characters deserve happy endings. I’m just rooting for certain ones to get the best HEAs ever.

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