[Noblesse] Chapter 338 Thoughts

Let’s get to my thoughts about this chapter!

1) The current leader that replaced Muzaka seems like a crazy one.  Also, I don’t like him.

2) Ah, Muzaka.  Nice of you to appear again.

3) It was nice of Tao to install some security measures around the school and at the HQ (which is Frankenstein’s house).

4) Aww, I miss the current Lord and the other Nobles.  Raizel seems so lonely in that classroom.

5) I don’t trust Crombell.  Therefore, even though Muzaka seems lucid after taking that pill, I still feel suspicious about said pill.

6) Ashleen.  That’s the name of Muzaka’s belated precious person.

7) I don’t know why, but Frankenstein felt that Muzaka needed to be pranked.  Poor Raizel doesn’t get it, nor the hidden meanings of said act.  Still liked the humor of the chapter.

8) I don’t get why Muzaka is agreeable to Crombell, but I sure want to shake him for it.  Or strangle him for acquiescing so easily.

9) I have a bitter taste in my mouth about this chapter due to Crombell.

10) Damn Crombell.

11) I think the next chapter will have Muzaka being in berserker mode and attacking Raizel.  That’s what I see in the next chapter.

This is the end of this certain post.  See you next time!


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