[Naruto] Chapter 693 Thoughts

Given that last week there was no new chapter due to a ‘break’, I eagerly awaited reading this chapter.  And now the wait is over!  So let’s get to what I thought about the chapter!

[Warning: Strong language from me.  A few edited ones but the rest are unedited.  You had been warned.]

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!  Truly appreciated!!

2) I really don’t get Sasuke at all.  Just…

3) Sakura…why the hell do you…no words can describe my frustration with you…

4)…and Sasuke. Who I damn can’t believe will do that to Sakura.  Well, I guess now that he has “matured” and all, instead of leaving Sakura unconscious, he decided to harm  her.

5) Damn Uchiha bastard.

6) Oh?  A genjutsu?  Still, it may be a ‘soft’ attack, but it still is a harsh one.

7) Seriously,

8) yu are a f***ing bastard, Sasuke Uchiha.

9) I got to give kudos to Naruto for noticing such an action.  That’s Naruto for you, giving Sasuke a rant about doing such a Sasuke-ish action on Sakura.

10) No surprise as to what location Sasuke was referring to.

11) Didn’t really liked that monologue about leaving such power to Naruto and Sasuke.  Blah, blah, blah.

12) I have a feeling that someone will do some artwork on that double pages featuring Naruto and Sasuke at that certain location.  It has that certain appeal to it.

13) I can’t disagree with Sasuke’s probable answer in the next chapter.  I probably won’t like it, but I think that there are two coins to everything.  Just like how Ashura and Indra should have been both ‘recognized’ by their father, Sasuke’s part should also be with Naruto’s part.  They are a whole.  Like yin and yang.  Black and white.  Good and evil.  Etc., etc., etc.  Side by side.  You get it?  How Sasuke doesthis I don’t like, but then again, he’s being an as****e.  Therefore, I’ll give him an open mind about his answer.  Hey, I can see his side of things, too.

14) This chapter wasnotwhat I expected.  It was a tad disappointing, too.  However, it was still a tad better than the current chapter from that other series.  So my eagerness wasn’t met at all.

15) I see the next chapter featuringb the start of the current continuation of this certain battle between Naruto and Sasuke.  I don’t see it ending in just one chapter, so there will probably be a lot of monologue going on.  I hope to see a flashback scene of the answer Sasuke has given to the Sage of Six Paths.  Otherwise, it will be just Naruto and Sasuke fighting each other.

16) I just want to comment about Kakashi recognizing the Naruto-ish comment.  His relationship with Naruto has grown deep enou to recognize that Naruto keeps his wod to the best of said person’s abilities.

That’s it for this post!  See ya next time!


8 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 693 Thoughts

  1. The only part that I love from this chapter is when Naruto say, “They just get their freedom so let them go.” and his parting word to Kakashi. And yeah, I am very frustrated with Sakura too. But I think that still better than killing her. I don’t like her much since…chapter 690 maybe? She’s still blinded with his love to Sasuke. Yes she know Sasuke is bad, but she’s love him more than her friendship love for Naruto even though Naruto is the one that always save her. I am still hold a grudge to her after that question mark incident.
    Agree with you. Whatever Sasuke will say next chapter is something bad but there’s truth in it, so I know I will accept it. Rikudo Sennin is a unresponsible father. He will only wait for his son’s reincarnation to fight again because of something that he’s started a thousand or hundred years ago. Can’t he do something about it? The way he’s only flying around really pissed me off.

    • The hermit had done his duty. I actually don’t want him to interfere. His duty is over; now it is up to the present generations.

      If I wanted the hermit to do anything, that would had been when he had been alive. He would had been more effective at that time. Now…I really don’t care about him. I’m already annoyed with tgh correlation of his sons to Naruto and Sasuke. I really don’t care about his sons having successors and all (meaning Naruot and Sasuke). If I had a choice, it would have been left with Naruto and Sasuke just by being themselves and not be inhibited by prophecies and the Sage’s sons.

      • True about that. Actually, it’s look like they didn’t have any choice and their future is already decided since theirbirth because of those Indra and Ashura thing. Like their fight is not their own, but those ancestor fight.

      • Naruto said it best; he will end this battle in his own way. No more Ashura and Indra after this.

        Truthfully, I feel like the Ashura and Indra factor hinders both Naruto amd Sasuke as being their own individuals. Such a shame.

      • Yeah. History is good, but too much dwell in past will not make them any better. So i am really waiting how Naruto will end that fight in his on way.

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