[Bleach] Chapter 599 Thoughts

Due to personal reasons, I didn’t feel like tackling the chapter until now.  Let’s get to it.

1) Wisor…was that it?  Makes me feel like you are weak in relation to your opponent.

2) Bach, you a****le.  Having those Soldats and more hidden within you until now.  Damn you!

3) The enemy called “D” looks a bit like two other characters from this series.  You know who I’m talking about.

4) That other enemy looks like a Thor-lookalike.  Just saying.

5) Bach’s soldiers seem tough.  I hope the Soul King’s bodyguards can keep up with them.

6) Bach walks onward towards the Soul King.  The bodyguards try to keep him away.  More fight scenes.  Hopefully, some signs of Ichigo reaching said place soon.  That’s all I see for the next chapter.

That’s all for what I thought about the chapter.  Not really piqued enough to comment a lot.  So see ya next time!


4 thoughts on “[Bleach] Chapter 599 Thoughts

  1. Hmm.. D look like Yumichika with Ganju’s face, lol.
    I love you for cursing Bach. Where he can hide those people? Inside his robe???
    Well, this fight will be a difficult fight for ichigo. Personally i think he still can’t match with Bach, plus ishida still in bach side.
    I wonder if next week we can see that soul king. I promise i will not suprise if soul king is ichigo’s great great grandfather, or maybe ichigo’s father.

    • Isshin is Ichigo’s father. You probably had forgotten or hadn’t read the chapters about Isshin meeting Ichigo’s mother.

      I just think that the Soul King knows a lot of things, ones that he may not tell to anyone. All that I can think is that Bach and the Soul King must have known each other, or met at least once in the past. Whatever the case, Bach wants the Soul King. He probably will get his chance. And Ichigo plus company will stop him…or try to.

      • I know Isshin is ichigo’s father, but i am just preparing my heart for any suprise that will come XD
        Both of them must be live for a lobg time, so that’s possible they are know each other. Still, I want to know what is Bach intention? I am not sure it’s just about old grudge of quincy.

      • I don’t particularly like Bach, so whatever his reasons, I really don’t care.

        Still hoping that Uryuu is in Ichigo’s side. Or will return to his side.

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