[Noblesse] Chapter 339 Thoughts

Personal reasons why I’m late. Let’s focus on what I thought about the chapter.

1) Didn’t expect the chapter to start with M-21’s training.  But that’s okay.

2) Karias training with M-21?  Not expected at all.

3) I don’t mind the inner thoughts of M-21.  The training scenes taking the better part of the chapter…not so much.

4) I also don’t mind the scend changing to Frankenstein, Tao, and Takao.  Even the little flashback scene isn’t really a bad thing.

5) Frankenstein sure is feeling like “himself” and enjoying it, too.  If you know what I mean.

6) So more of them, then?  And they seem crazy, too.  Though the big guy sure looks similar to other characters with similar physique.

7) The new entrants will be ‘hunting’ for Muzaka and the others.  I actually think the next chapter will return back to Tao amd Takao; M-21, too.

Done with the post.  See you next time!


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