[Naruto] Chapter 695 Thoughts

Didn’t feel like reading the chapter of this series until now.  So let’s get to it!

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!  Truly appreciated!!

2) Colored pages!  Yes!!!

3) 5 more weeks of chapter?  Does this mean the fight or the true end of this series?

4) The fight begins with a bang!  Damn.

5) Action, action, action.  What can I say to that?

6) Fist bump!  Then flashback scene begins…

7) So a repeat one?  Sheesh.

8) Flashback scenes.  Flashback scenes.  Flashback scenes.

9) So…yeah, I wasn’t really into the whole battle.  Nope, not a care about it.

10). It wasn’t a bad chapter if one was interested about said battle.  But if one isn’t interested, it was an okay chapter.  A few parts witghin the chpater were better than most in my eyes.

11) Oh, the point about the 5 weeks revealed that said five weeks later (including this week), the series will end.

12) What will Naruto and Sasuke do in the next chapter?  Not really sure.  Sasuke will have his answer.  Naruto will get his answer.  And who knows.

Done with the post.  I’ll see you later this week!


8 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 695 Thoughts

  1. The legendary fistbump in the waterfall scene XD
    I am still wondering where is the place they always meet after doing fistbump. Is that another dimension or just inside their mind?
    Ah well, about flashback and monologue. My friend said the amount of bromance is too much in this chapter, lol.
    And when i see Sasuke design for The Last Movie (he has bandage around his head) I think (and I hope) Naruto give him a permanent scar in his head to fix his twisted mind.

    • I think it is a “chakra connection” that may be something they inherited from Indra/Ashura and/or expanded with their own chakra. Whatever it is, they are “brothers” as has been hinted in the series.

      As for that Sasuke image…well, it sorta reminds me of Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach with his new outfit. If you know what I’m talking about, that is. Sorta like a copycat, with Byakuya is more handsome in my eyes.

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