[Noblesse] Chapter 341 Thoughts

So I wanted to get this done before I focus on the other series.  And no, my aim is not to be behind right now, so I’m getting this post out before the week is gone.  That said, let’s get to it.

1) I’m glad to see Tao and Takio moving around.  Though they are not done yet, at least they recovered from that first excursion.

2) Awww, look at Regis!  He cares about the three enhanced human bodyguards, even though he denies it!  That’s so sweet!

3) M-21 looks so beat up!  But gotta respect how he keeps on going.

4) The conversation between the whole group is so touching!  I liked the interaction between them all.

5) Finally!  Congrats to M-21 for his accomplishment!  Way the go, M-21!!

6) The focus may be on this whole group, but I don’t mind.  It was touching.

7) I think the next chapter will either continue with the focus on Takio amd Tao continuing on with there experiment, or focus on the Union.  I would think those four werewolves will also make their appearances in the next chapter.

It wasn’t a bad chapter. And with this post done, see you next time!


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