[Bleach] Chapter 601 Thoughts

Think that I would take a while before I get this post out, right?  Well, you’re wrong!  Here is my post about this current chapter!

1) Have to say that I liked the cover page of this chapter.  Colored, too!

2) That damn Thor-lookalike is annoying to look at.  And the present movie version of Thor looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better than this annoying Quincy enemy.

3) That Zero Division Gangsta is sure powerful, yo!

4) Sh***y ass Quincy enemy.  The one that is an Aizen-lookalike.

5) Not really much to say.  The chapter is an okay one.

6) I think the next chapter will have that Aizen-lookalike go on the offensive with his power that will be revealed as he fights against the Zero Division Gangsta.  I hope that the Gangsta will win, but you never know with the Quincy enemies.  Other than that, I have no other predictions/guesses for the next chapter.

Done with the post.  See you next time!


2 thoughts on “[Bleach] Chapter 601 Thoughts

  1. I like that Gangsta! He make the fight look like a fun thing. Even he’s way of speak is a little different, but I think that’s cool. I hope he will win, but maybe next chapter we will see ichigo, not the continuation of that fight.

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