[Bleach] Chapter 602 Thoughts

So this is another post about this series.  Let’s get to my thoughts!

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some wonderful artwork!

2) Wordy.  ‘Nough said.

3) I’m glad the Gangsta is powerful.  Take that, damn enemy!

4) Tenjirou rocked for his “waters” in helping the Gangsta defeat the enemy.

5) Underwhelmed a bit for the most part.  There were some good parts in the chapter, but not a lot.  I guess there were too much monologue for me to remain interested.

6) I see the rest of Bach’s underlings fight against the Zero Division.  And Bach making a move, of a sort.  I really don’t think the Zero Division will keep Bach away from the Soul King.  Unless Ichigo arrives on time.

Done with the post!  See you next time!


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