[Naruto] Chapter 697 Thoughts

I decided to get this one done before the rest.  So let us get to my thoughts!

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!  Truly appreciated!!

2) Wow, that ended up being a megawatt result of the combined attacks.  If you know what I mean.

3) Having the heads snapped off from the statues of both Hashirama and Madara feels symbolic, in a way.

4) Sasuke, you should stop relying on your eyes.  Then again, Naruto relies on his vast chakra…hmmm.

5) I wonder why Kakashi is just staring?  Did a cameo of him and Sakura really is needed?

6) You know, this fight feels more like a brawl or a bloody scuffle.  Just like sparing, but a tad more bloody.  Like children and/or brothers having a childish ‘sibling’ spar.

7) Sakura just have to get that flashback.  Eh.

8) Damn Uchiha for stealing the chakra!  Damn him!!!!!

9] I don’t think that Naruto will get killed by Sasuke with that last attack.  Either Sakura and/or Kakashi will interfere.  Again.

10) So said fight will end in the next chapter.  I did point out that it may take one or two more chapters for said fight to end.  And so the next chapter will have the conclusion of said fight.  After that, two more chapters will be left.  So I hope the conclusion of both the fight and the series will prove to be a satisfying one.  If not, I will rant about it.

Done with the post!  See you next time!


6 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 697 Thoughts

  1. Lol. Exactly what i thought about Sakura. Maybe she will interfering and we get that hospital rooftop fight again.
    I need to know what will happen with other shinobi and how Naruto will save them. I don’t know if Sasukr forget or not, but they need both of his and Naruto power to bring back people from the tree right?

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