[Naruto] Chapter 699 Thoughts

So one more chapter before the “end” of this series.  How sad.

Anyway, here  are my thoughts about said chapter:

1) Whoopee!!!!  Some colored pages!!!!!!

2) So symbolic, right?  That certain sign.  And instead of Madara and Hashirama, now it is Sasuke and Naruto.  Ah, symbolism.

3) Some maturity there, right?  Sakura not scolding the two but instead just healing them.  Nice of her to understand it all.

4) Kakashi reminiscing over his team.  Ah, that’s what it means to be Team 7’s sensei.

5) Hinata!!!  HINATA!!!!!  Yeah!!!!

6) So nice to have Hinata be the first to be focused at when the others were rescued from those cocoons.

7) Nice to have different panels for some of the other characters.  Even I don’t mind having Sasuke and Naruto being at the forefront of it all.

8) HINATA!!!!!!  She has her own panel, too!!!!!  She so pretty…

9) Yamato and those eyes…creepy.

10) Ha!  Take that, Zetsu clone!  Or whoever that certain clone was.  Eh, I really don’t care for the name, anyway.

11) Nice of Darui to get his teammates out of said jar.

12) Kurama!  So nice to see said bijuu okay.

13) The funerals…well, a bittersweet event.

14) Awwwwe, Hinata has tear tracks.

15) Naruto and another funeral.  Sad, right?

16) Kakashi as Hokage?  Not a surprise.  In a way, he’s the most likely candidate to become one.  And Naruto really isn’t ready for the job anyway.

17) Take that, Sasuke!  Without Naruto, you wouldn’t have the freedom you are enjoying right now!  Aha!

18) Oh, Sakura…really?!

19) Wasn’t that a better outcome between Sasuke and Sakura?  I think so.

20) Of course Naruto has to be the last one to say goodbye to him.  After all, he has something to give Sasuke back.  That’s Naruto for you.

21) Thanks again to the scanlation group for providing some great artwork!

That’s the end of my thoughts about this chapter.  Next!


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