[Naruto] Chapter 700+2 Thoughts

So good to read more of this series!  So anyway, let’s get to it!

1) I thank the scanlation group for providing some artwork! In fact, I liked a lot of them!  Truly appreciated!

2) So the chapter begins with Sasuke.  Eh.

3) Whoa?  What the–?  Another Uchiha youth?  For sure, that youth doesn’t look like Sasuke.  But I can’t deny that he has the Sharingan.  And I really think that the youth is an Orochimaru experiment.  Or a Kabuto experiment.

4) I get Sarada’s insecurity.  She has more questions about her parentage than answers.  And I didn’t realize that her eyeglasses are similar to Karin’s.  Even with that evidence, I still think Karin isn’t the mother.

5) I actually don’t mind the Akimichi family scene.  It shows each Akimichi individual’s personality.

6) No matter what Chouchou thinks, she’s the daughter of Chouji and Kurui.  ‘Nough said.

7) So that guy’s name is Mitsuki.  He wears that split-colored top.  Hmm, suspicious…

8) I sorta feel sorry for that youth.  I feel like that youth is being manipulated by that hooded person with that Akatsuki connection.  Sorta.

9) Chouchou really is firm about finding her ‘real’ parents.  So delusional of her.  But I have to admire her resoluteness.  Compared to Sarada, Chouchou is definitely a confident young lady.

10) I agree that taking care of said situation is critical and primary.  You know what I mean.

11) That said, I liked seeing Naruto working as the Hokage, Shikamaru acting like the advisor, amd Shizune acting like the secretary?  Well, a working governmental staff?

12) Glad to see Kakashi again.  Some R & R, eh?  So like him.  Though in a way, he’s also an advisor, given his double position as a previous Hokage and the sensei of Team 7.  So nice.

13) Oh, Sarada.  You eavesdropper, you.

14) What a tenacious, yet delusional, youth Chouchou is.  Poor Sarada.

15) I had no expectations about this chapter.  And my only hope about it was getting that parentage question answered, but the chapter didn’t really resolved that for me.  Yet the question lingers in my mind.  Hopefully it’ll get answered soon.  So please not a lot of chapters to resolve it.

That’s it for now!  Can’t wait for the next chapter!


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