[Naruto] Chapter 700+4 Thoughts

Oh, it seems that I’m behind the series by one chapter.

No matter.

I’m going to put up my thoughts about this chapter.  Again, no future predictions/guesses.

So let’s start!

1) Again, the comedic relief given by Chouchou.  Delusional, I say.

2) Thank you, scanlation group!  I appreciate the artwork provided with the chapter!

3) Given the experience Naruto has in fighting against enemies, especially Uchiha members, I admire how much Naruto has become a seasoned warrior.

4) Shin sure went all-out.  Or near that level.

5) Kurama!!!!  KURAMA!!!!!!!!

6) Okay, like last time we see Kurama, the bijuu was sleeping.  But now that the bijuu is awake…yeah!

7) Liked that awesome picture with Naruto, Kurama, Chouchou, and Sarada.  Read the chapter to know what I’m talking about.

8) I really hate the mastermind behind Shin’s attack.  Really do.

9) Chouchou…really?!

10) Loved Naruto’s reply to Chouchou’s proclamation.  Typical Naruto-ish reply.

11) That’s it!  I mean, I know I would hate being left out of the whole thing, but since it’s a parent who wants to protect an offspring, or in this case an adult figure who is a parent and wants to protect the children, I’m okay with Naruto’s action.  But really, Sarada sure appreciate the kind gesture.  Or parent-like gesture.  Whatever you call it.

12) Lunch box.  Bento.  Whatever you call it.

13) That’s Naruto for you.  Can’t help himself by adding his own spin to the tale.  Though I can forgive him.  If it was someone else, I wouldn’t.  Why?  Because it’s Naruto.  (And yeah, there are things that Naruto has done that I would probably not appreciate, but at least he corrects himself later on.  For some of them.)

14) Sarada needed that reassurance.  And Naruto is definitely the one who can give said reassurance, knowing said parents of Sarada.

15) Even though Naruto told Chouchou what traits she got from her parents, I don’t think Chouchou believed him.  Or probably ignored it, being that she is still stuck with finding out who her real parents are.  Yeah, delusional.

16) Sarada felt the “Naruto Effect”!

17) Am I surprised that Sarada wanted to go ahead?  Nope.  Did I wish that she would have waited so that she won’t be attacked again?  Yeah.  But I can understand why Sarada wanted to go ahead.

18) Ehehehehehehe…So Sasuke-ish to think like that.  Really.

19) Poor Sarada.  Being thought of as an ‘enemy’ and ‘accomplice’ of Shin.  By her own father, too.

20) Now I’m really looking forward to the next chapter just so that I can see the reactions.

21) Oh, and congratulations to Sarada for acquiring the Sharingan.  Though it’ll be a pain later on due to Shin.  Naruto said it all about said Sharingan.

Okay, that’s it for my thoughts about this chapter.  On to the next one!


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