[Naruto] Chapter 700+5 Thoughts

Here I am!  Back again to provide my thoughts about the current chapter of this series.  So here are my thoughts!

1) Damn you, Sasuke!!!  You made Sarada cry!!!

2) Oh, and thanks to the scanlation group for providing some great artwork!

3) Finally!  Sasuke remembers Sarada!  Sheesh.

4) So whoever translated that previous chapter where Sasuke didn’t visit his offspring at all (or something similar like that), they were wrong.  Sasuke did visit Sarada and she remembers him.  Somewhat.

5) And the Sharingan ended with Sarada’s eyes returning to normal.  Ah…

6) Chouchou…

7) And there it is!  Sarada letting it all out to Sasuke.  Way the go, Sarada!!

8) You know, Sasuke.  In a way, you are acting like Itachi.  Damn, you suck in this certain area.

9) So there is a reason behind Sasuke’s journey.  Well, it sure is tough, this certain situation that they are all in.

10) Am I surprised that there is something behind the whole thing of Zetsu and etc.?  Not really.

11) Sarada now needs reassurance from Sakura.  Yeah…tough situation here.

12) So that mastermind behind Shin has more of said character?  Instead of a Zetsu army, now it is a Shin army?

13) So like an Akimichi to use potato chips as comfort food.

14) Nice to see Naruto and Sasuke protect Sarada.  Good for Sasuke in that respect…if he thought like that.

15) Oh, and that mastermind…what a crazy person.  All those eyes…yeah, definitely worst than Danzo, that’s for sure/

16) I don’t know how long this continuation arc will be, but I hope that everything will be resolved.

17) Last thought: I don’t know when that flashback occurred, but it really seems like Sasuke doesn’t have a left hand anymore.  And with that speech bubble hiding Naruto’s right upper extremity, he may have his new one or not.  Though it looks like Naruto has his right upper extremity, he may not have it at this time.  Yeah, I’m sorta confused about that certain situation.

That’s it for this post.  See ya next time!


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