[Naruto] Chapter 700+6 Thoughts

Before I get down to my thoughts about this chapter, I just want to comment about the “end” of the series.  Now, I consider the 700th chapter the “end” of the series, and the chapters after that to be the sequel of said series.  That’s why I’m not going to recant in a previous post about the “end” of the series.  And I’ll continue on with the whole posts until the official “end of the sequel has been reached.

Now that I’m done with that note, let’s focus on what I thought about this chapter!

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some artwork with the chapter.  I appreciate it!

2) Damn those enemies!

3) Well, Sasuke has his moments now.

4) That Shin guy sure is ugly.  Those eyes…yeah…

5) Chouchou, your delusions are starting to get annoying.  It was funny for a few chapters, but now it isn’t funny anymore.

6) So the weapons are ‘used’ by Shin.  Ha.

7) That’s a parent for you.  Shielding your offspring.  Way the go, Sasuke.

8) She may not be a fave character of mine, but I’m glad to see Sakura save the group from the enemies.

9) I feel like the capture of the enemies is too smooth.  I have an uneasy feeling about it.

10) Team 7 is back together.

11) I agree with Kurama.  Peace can dull one’s senses.  Fighting instincts, in other words.

12) So Sakura got captured by the enemies.  Not really surprised that she’ll be useful to them.

13) The Older Shin sure reminds me of Zabuza. But colder.  Way, way colder.

14) The enemies have a hideout.  Go figure.

15) As usual, Naruto put a lot of blame on himself.  That’s him for you.

16) Again, no future predictions/guesses for the next chapter.  I’m enjoying reading this sequel as I read it.

17) Last note: disappointed in the chapter.  I expected a bit more excitement, and said chapter didn’t deliver.  Oh, well.

That’s it for now!  See you next time!


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