[Naruto] Chapter 700+8 Thoughts

Back again with another post about what I thought about this chapter.  Let us get to it, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some awesome artwork with the chapter.  Thanks a lot!

2) Poor Sarada.  The outright reaction reflects her inner turmoil.

3) Ah, the anger.  I can definitely see it.

4) Naruto can sympathize in a way.  That’s why he didn’t let go of Sarada’s arm.  Still, hurtful words, ne?

5) Wow.  Look how much Naruto has matured from the first chapter to this one.

6) Nice to see some Iruka flashback scenes.  Definitely an important person in Naruto’s life.

7) I don’t even mind the Sasuke flashback scenes.  Iruka ruled said flashback scenes hands down.

8) With that long hair, Sakura sorta looks like Tsunade.  But with one ponytail.  And I like that haircut on her.

9) It’s also nice to see Sarada growing up in her own flashback scenes.

10) Ah, the forehead tap.  How nice.  Maybe it has become an Uchiha tradition?

11) Naruto, Naruto, Naruto.  You just gave your trademark style to Sarada.  That’s Naruto-ish for you, right?

12) Naruto and Sasuke…it’s sorta nice to see the two of you exchanging normal talk.

13) At least Sarada recognizes Sasuke with his good and bad points.

14) Nice to have that Sakura proclamation to Shin.  That’s Sakura for you.

15) No future predictions/guesses.

That’s it for this post.  See you next time!


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