2016 Reading List Proclamation

It has been a long time since my last post.  But I digress.  The point of this post is to proclaim the book list that I’ll be reading for 2016.  I had planned this for some time, and I wondered where I was going to post my list.  Then I remembered that I have this blog, and here it is.

Before I go on further about the 2016 book list, let’s talk about the manga portion of this blog.  And let’s face it, it has been what I’ve been posting about for the longest time.  So what is the future of that?  Not sure.  I hasn’t been reading manga for some time.  Well, the ones that I’ve been posting about.  I had read two chapters of this new manga series, but not enough interest about it to post an entry.  So the future of that is up in the air.  Or in other words, on hiatus.

That takes care of that portion of this blog.  Now back to the topic at hand.

I’ve been entering some book giveaways.  For a few of the numerous book giveaways, I ended up winning the prizes.  And I hadn’t read them yet.

Thus, my 2016 goal, in which I plan to read one book prize per month.

I have more than 12 book prizes.  I just plan to read at least one book per month because I also plan to review said book.  And I’m bad at book reviews.  Or at least posting them.  Plus, there is also the likelihood that I may end up reading other books during the month.  So I’m leaving myself a little wiggle room each month.

Flexibility is key for me in this 2016 goal.

I hadn’t decided which books I’ll be reading for my 2016 goal.  There are a couple that I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading, but they’re not a lot.  I’ll have another post focusing on my 2016 book goal where I’ll list the books that I’ll be reading.  This is just an announcement about my 2016 intentions.  Or resolution.  Or whatever.

So there it is.  More details will be announced at a later post.  Stay tuned!


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