[Naruto] Special Chapter Thoughts

I didn’t expect this chapter.  Nope.  Not at all.  So shall we get to what I thought of it?

  1. So the Sense is Konohamaru, eh?  Well, this is interesting.
  2. Wow.  Konohamaru really has such a prestigious family.  His parents were ANBU under the direct order of the Sandaime!  WOW. (Just want to say that I really don’t like it that the Sarutobi parents are wearing ANBU masks.  I wanted to see their real faces…)
  3. Nice to see Boruto being introduced first.  That and his parents.  Go, NARUHINA!!!!
  4. Then Sarada and her parents are introduced.  Nice.
  5. Finally, Mikki.  Not that much is known from his own introduction.  That sucks.
  6. Chibi style?!  KAWAII!!!!
  7. Okay, this second part of this chapter is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!
  8. Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some wonderful artwork!
  9. This was a good chapter to link with the upcoming movie.  Nice and humorous.

That’s it for this post.  See you next time!


[Naruto] Chapter 700+10 Thoughts

Back again with another post about what I thought about this chapter.  Let us get to it, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some great artwork!

2) Nice to see Sarada in ninja mode.  And look at Sakura watching her daughter.  Nice.

3) Ah, young Shin.  Gazing at Naruto as he is right now…yeah, you need to watch out.

4) Shin, meet Kurama. Kurama, meet young Shin. ‘Nough said.

5) So that’s the decision about those Shin clones. That’s Naruto for you.

6) Isn’t that sweet? The Uchiha family having a familial moment between them all.  And Sarada focusing on the important moments, rather than the insignificant ones.

7) Eh?  Kabuto being the Headmaster of the orphanage?!  Well, at least he ‘changed’ (I hope).  With his “brother” beside him, I think he’ll be a good father figure to the Shin clones.  And what a tough process I. Naming each one.  Wish you the best in that endeavor, Headmaster Kabuto.

8) See, Chouchou.  Look at your father now.  Isn’t he cool?  Now you appreciate him.  (You better.)

9) Sarada learns of Ino’s former crush on Sasuke.  So cute of her trying to protect her father.  And Ino is so clueless about it.

10) Nice to see some more Uchiha familial moments.  Hey, they may not be my fave family, but considering the focus of said situation, I’m in a reflective mood.

11) Nice to see Boruto again.  Wonder what his thoughts are about the Hokage position…?

12) Poor Suigetsu.  Getting scolded by Karin, who told him the truth about Sarada’s parentage.  And thankfully, this scene also tells about the eyeglasses.  Nice of Karin to gift the eyeglasses as Sarada grows up.

13) Nice colored last page.  Again, focused on the Uchiha family.  ‘Nough said.

14) So that’s the end of this arc.  A link to the upcoming movie, it seems.  But I’m sorta felt dissatisfied with the whole thing.  I need more details.  I need more closure.  I need more scenes of my favorite couple and their family.  I need more funny moments.  Yeah, I’m not satisfied at all.

That’s it for this post.  See you next time!


[Naruto] Chapter 700+9 Thoughts

Back again with another post about what I thought about this chapter.  Let us get to it, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some artwork!

2) Poor Sarada.  Still thinking about her own familial situation.  At least Naruto is there to support her in his own way.

3) Nice to have the group get to Sakura in time.

4) Chouchou, I’m getting tired of your griping.

5) Heh.  Shin deserves that.  But damn, that’s a lot of clones.  Reminds me of Star Wars.

6) Yeah!  Go, Naruto!!!

7) Way the go, Sarada!  That was one annoying four-legged being.

8) And another good point for Sarada!  That’s one tough chica!!

9) Really.  The one who raised Sarada is reflected in the young Uchiha.  ‘Nough said.

10) For this continuation of this manga series, I will not provide any future predictions/guesses as I had done with the “end” of this series.  But I’ll repeat this point at every post if I had to.

That’s it for this post.  See you next time!


[Naruto] Chapter 700+8 Thoughts

Back again with another post about what I thought about this chapter.  Let us get to it, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some awesome artwork with the chapter.  Thanks a lot!

2) Poor Sarada.  The outright reaction reflects her inner turmoil.

3) Ah, the anger.  I can definitely see it.

4) Naruto can sympathize in a way.  That’s why he didn’t let go of Sarada’s arm.  Still, hurtful words, ne?

5) Wow.  Look how much Naruto has matured from the first chapter to this one.

6) Nice to see some Iruka flashback scenes.  Definitely an important person in Naruto’s life.

7) I don’t even mind the Sasuke flashback scenes.  Iruka ruled said flashback scenes hands down.

8) With that long hair, Sakura sorta looks like Tsunade.  But with one ponytail.  And I like that haircut on her.

9) It’s also nice to see Sarada growing up in her own flashback scenes.

10) Ah, the forehead tap.  How nice.  Maybe it has become an Uchiha tradition?

11) Naruto, Naruto, Naruto.  You just gave your trademark style to Sarada.  That’s Naruto-ish for you, right?

12) Naruto and Sasuke…it’s sorta nice to see the two of you exchanging normal talk.

13) At least Sarada recognizes Sasuke with his good and bad points.

14) Nice to have that Sakura proclamation to Shin.  That’s Sakura for you.

15) No future predictions/guesses.

That’s it for this post.  See you next time!


[Naruto] Chapter 700+7 Thoughts

Another chapter, another post.  Here are my thoughts, folks!

1) Well, damn.  So that Shin enemy used to be an apprentice of Orochimaru.  Double damn.

2) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some nice artwork!

3) Colored pages.  Not all of them, but enough to be appreciated.  That said…

4) …does that mean that Sarada, Boruto, and that other guy whose name I forgot right now but starts with ‘M’, will become a team?  With that double-paged, colored ones showing them together, it seems like it.  Don’t you think so?

5) Chouchou’s answer to such a certain situation is chips.  ‘Nough said.

6) Not really interested in the explanation, though it does answer the whole Shin and his clones stuff.

7) Wow.  Yamato sure looks old, even though Kakashi is older than him.  I think.

8) Suigetsu and Juugo looks good.  Mature, shall I say.

9) Orochimaru looks young.  Very young.

10) So Shin isn’t a true Uchiha.  Obsessed much?

11) Shin as Danzo’s ‘RIght Arm’ and having that certain kind of ability?  Yeah…

12) I’m really getting annoyed with this whole parentage situation.  But whatever.

13) Karin looks like she isn’t flashy that much.  But that could be only by looks, not personality.

14) Soooo…really?!  One is the biological mother, while the other is the mother in every other way?  Eh…not sure what to think about this revelation.

15) Is that the real Naruto or a Shadow clone?  What a fierce expression Naruto has.

16) Suigetsu is a funny guy.  And not really surprised that he left Naruto with that certain situation with Sarada.

17) I’m surprised that Naruto doesn’t know.  I guess he accepted Sakura as Sarada’s mother without even suspicion.  He’s that kind of guy after all.

18) Though I’ll say this: I”m sorta in denial about such outcome until I hear from Sasuke and Sakura that Karin is really the biological mother of Sarada.  However, if Karin really is the biological mother, then that would mean that Sarada has some Uzumaki blood in her.

19) Ah, the reaction to such a truth.  Hopefully Sarada will get out of that certain thoughtful path, given that in every other way, Sakura is her mother.  The love should win out in the end, or else Sarada will fall prey to the Uchiha darkness.  And we really don’t need that, don’t we?

20) This was an okay chapter.  Not really invested in it, though.

That’s all, folks!  See you next time!